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For Patients...

Telephone consultations: 

We provide 24/7/365 telephone consultations for both emergent and non-emergent medical issues. Our doctors are able to recommend and prescribe medications for minor medical problems. For potentially life-threatening medical problems, we would refer you to the nearest emergency room or inpatient facility for more detailed evaluation and treatment

Review and explanation of labs:

Did your health care provider send you to the laboratory and now you have your results but don't know what they mean? Our doctors here are happy to review those labs values and help you interpret them. We are able to explain complex medical labs in ways you can understand it.

Second Opinion on diagnosis and treatment: 

Have you been diagnosed or treated for a medical condition but you have not improved? Ever considered getting a second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan? Doctors on-call on our telemedicine division are trained in several primary and sub specialties in Africa, America and Europe. We are able to bring our expertise and experience in diagnosis and treatment of most complicated medical problems 


Need referrals for medical laboratory or diagnostic imaging? Call us now for your referral needs


Cost per Consult:

In order to serve the community, including the less privileged, Fortitudo Inc. is poised to make consultations very affordable. Cost per consult is now Free, thanks to our donors, volunteers, and sponsors

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