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About Us

Fortitudo Inc. Telemedicine

Fortitudo is a registered company with Cooperate Afairs Commission of Nigeria - see our certificate here. Through our telemedicine division, Fortitudo Inc. provides 24/7/365 telephone consultations to our patients regardless of patient location or ability to pay for service. Thanks to our donors, volunteers, and sponsors, Fortitudo now provides free consultations to patients in countries of our service. We have certified pool of doctors with diverse experience and training. Our doctors train and practice in Africa, America, and Europe.


Our mission at Fortitudo Inc. is provision of accessible, affordable, and adequate healthcare for underserved populations. We are invested in building healthcare systems that are operated and staffed by members of the local community and independently provide continued service to the community.

Cost per consultation: FREE. Consult a doctor now

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr. Esomonye S

Medical Education: Madonna University teaching Hospital

Housemanship: Federal Medical Center, Yenagoa


Specialty: Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Mgbemena O

Medical Education: University of Alabama, Birmingham

Housemanship: Emory University Teaching hospital

Residency: Emory University Teaching Hospital

Fellowship: Cardiology fellow, University of Florida, Jacksonville

Specialty: Cardiology; Internal Medicine

Dr. Iloabuchi U


Medical Education: Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Housemanship: Emory University School of Medicine

Residency: Emory University School of Medicine

Specialty: OBGYN

Eras Photo.jpg
Dr. Oshin

Medical Education: American University of the Caribbean

Housemanship: Maimondes Medical Center

Residency:  Maimondes Medical Center

Specialty: Pediatrics

Dr. Igbokwe

Medical Education: Medical College of Georgia

Housemanship: Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL

Residency:  Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL

Specialty: Family Medicine

Dr. Kanu

Medical Education: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine

Housemanship: Memorial University Medical Center, Savannah, GA

Residency:  Memorial University Medical Center, Savannah, GA

Specialty: OBGYN

Dr. Asobie


Medical Education: Abia State University

Housemanship:  Abia State University Teaching Hospital

Public Health:  University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Specialty:  Public health

Dr Oge passport photo.jpg
Dr. Emele


Medical Education: University of Calabar College of Medicine

Housemanship: Total Health Medical Center, Aba

Residency: University of Uyo Teaching Hospital

Specialty: General Practitioner 

Dr. Elechi.jpg
Dr. Elechi


Optometry Education: Imo State University

Housemanship: Pennuel Eye Clinic, Porthacourt 


Specialty: Optometry 

Dr. Oyebanji


Medical Education:  Central America Health Science University

Housemanship:  Wuse District Hospital, Abuja


Specialty:  Internal Medicine 

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