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I hereby completely and irrevocably release Fortitudo Telemedicine  and its parent and sister corporations  and   their   respective   medical   staff   members,   physicians  and   other   health   care professionals,  insurance  providers,  administrators,  officers,  employees  and  directors (collectively, the “Fortitudo  Released Parties”) of any and all errors and omissions, known or unknown,  foreseen  or  unforeseen,  knowingly  or  unknowingly,  as  well  as  all  claims, actions  or  damages  arising  from  or  in  connection  with  telemedicine consultations,  conclusions  or  recommendations  provided  by  Fortitudo or its  physicians.  Opinions and recommendations given by physicians are their sole responsibility. Furthermore, I agree that the Fortitudo Released Parties have no liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the medical information submitted to them or for any errors in its electronic or telephone transmission. As a condition to receiving the online/telephone consultation service, I have read and acknowledge that I have given this consent of my own free will.  By using Fortitudo Telemedicine on this website or through telephone, you acknowledge to accept and agree to these terms, I acknowledge and agree to assume the risks of the limitations set forth herein.

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