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For Patients...

Through Fortitudo Inc. Telemedicine, patients have access to a doctor over the telephone 24/7/365 for both emergent and non-emergent medical conditions

For Doctors...

Through Fortitudo Inc Telemedicine, doctors consult with patients and supplement their experience. Apply and work at your convenience

For Associates...

Fortitudo Inc is accepting collaborations with hospitals, laboratory and diagnostic centers for patient referrals

See what our patients say...

The Doctor was spot on and very professional. This Service can be extended more in Northern Nigeria, and I can be of immense help here as I live here in the North.

Okoroji, A

I'm very happy with Dr. Esomonye's care. My Blood pressure was very high around 170/100 but now I have picked up my medications and feeling much better. Thank you 

Osuagwu, B

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Taking care of your health

Immediate Consultations

Consult a doctor 24/7/365. Thanks to our donors and sponsors, Fortitudo now provides free consultations to patients in countries of our service

Hospital and laboratory/Diagnostic referrals 

Our doctors can refer patients to hospitals and labs/diagnostic centers for inpatient evaluation and outpatient imaging/labs respectively

Primary and Specialist 

Fortitudo has diversified pool of doctors to consult. We have doctors with primary and sub-specialty training in Africa, America and Europe

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